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 ’Arrogance’ implies that I exaggerate my own worth. I don’t.

Amy Dyer in 1.02

Tom Hiddleston by Henny Garfunkel

The Affair is about the relationship between two people who are already in marriages, who end up falling in love. Alison has always wished that she could do more with her life, escape the sort of small community. There’s something about Noah… he’s a family man, he seems comfortable with who he is. There’s an escapism that he represents that she is attracted to. 

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Thank you very, very much for all those nice messages. It was lovely to talk to you. :) Thank you!!!!! As I’m falling asleep while typing though, I have to call this the end. Goodnight my lovelies. See you tomorrow!

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jamiisylvia: I usually don't send asks because I fear that I will mess up and i'm kinda shy speaking to the blogs I love and follow. I love your posts and best wishes in the future! Keep it up! 

Gosh. Thank you very much! Thank you for your courage. :) There’s no need to be afraid. We are all the same. Just some people blogging away. It’s lovely to get nice messages and I try to give it back. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! All the best to you as well. :)