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I agree. I was like “Aww… aliens?” *exasperated sigh* “Okay fine…” The rest of it was brilliant and Jessica was fucking epic. The show could be just her, in each, and I’d watch happily. :0

Yeah, I simply ignored the aliens, which works pretty good, because they have no real link to the stories or characters.

Jessica was great, but so was everyone. Didn’t expect to like the Lana Winter character as much as I did. For me the best parts where when those two interacted. Jessica is amazing and I love how she brings out the best in the others. So scenes with her + someone else were absolutely brilliant.

The show had its ups and downs, but I kept watching, because I needed to know what happened to the characters. So success. Now I just need to decide which season is next for me.

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Just finished American Horror Story: Asylum.

Well, let’s pretend the aliens never happened. Somehow they were the least scary part and the cherry on top of the huge cake of superfluos stuff that they somehow needed to put in the series. The best part was the asylum and the characters.

Ben Affleck speaks about Islamophobia X

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Don’t believe any media outlet unless they can and do name their source.

That kid in Othello.

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Tom Hiddleston + thank you.