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German one-word horror story (via germannn)

Please explain!

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It roughly translates to: People, what a bunch of bastards.

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Compared to her my life is dull and boring.

I think most lifes are dull and boring compared to her life. But when I look at the hardships, dangers and turmoils I’m rather glad my life is that boring.

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mintley8 replied to your post “One of the most interesting woman for me is Melitta Schenk Gräfin zu…”

A most excellent choice x

Thank you. :)

katzen-kinder replied to your post “One of the most interesting woman for me is Melitta Schenk Gräfin zu…”

That’s quite a life.

Yep. I’m always surprised that there are only two biographies of her. (one is very shitty and only claims she’s a selfish Nazi-whore and the other only focusses on her work.) Seems like people aren’t interested in telling complicated stories, that aren’t black and white, but about people who follow their passions.

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One of the most interesting woman for me is Melitta Schenk Gräfin zu Stauffenberg, née Schiller. She was born in 1903 as a daughter of a former Jewish family (that sadly became important later in her life.). She studied maths, physics and engineering and then she became a pilot to do her own flights, while researching on planes. (She was only the second woman in Germany to get the title of aircraft captain.) She was a very important engineer for the Luftwaffe, but when the Nazis came to power, she was forced to quit her job, because of her Jewish descent and instead worked for a commercial company. She married Alexander Schenk Graf von Stauffenberg (the brother of the man, who’d try to kill Hitler). When WWII started she wanted to work as a pilot for the Red Cross, but was forced to work as a scientist for the army. She was a testpilot and would nosedive several times a day, to understand the mechanics of it. ( A move that was highly dangerous at that time and often ended in crashing the plane and dieing.) Her work was that important, that the Nazis declared her to be arian, despite her Jewish background. Her plane got shot and she was awarded and made her PhD. (Again, even being associated with Jews could make it impossible to work at that time.) After the assassination attempt on HItler the whole family of Stauffenberg was put into prison/concentration camps, the children were adopted by Nazis and forced to forget their family, while some members were executed. Because of her important work she was released and from then on she tried her best to use her influence to help the family (like better conditions in concentration camps, regular visits). Her husband was in a concentration camp at that time. When the allies approached and the concentration camp was ‘evacuated’, she tried to find her husband. On one of her flights to search for him, she was shot by an American fighter pilot and died on the 8th April 1945, just one month before the war ended..

WhoLock AU: After the fall, the Doctor receives a letter.

Yay, Love’s Labour’s Lost on TV. XD